Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Lovely when the NHS works!

After 3 weeks of feeling a bit off, unable to get going most mornings and suffering from a pain from the groin down to the left knee I stumped down the lane, in the rain, to the Health Centre and saw the doctor.

Five minutes later reassured I had not got a hernia and had just torn some tendons in the groin, armed with a prescription filled there and then, I splashed my way back and took two pills.  Feeling much better and was up early doing the washing, mopping and hoovering before 9 am because at last the sun is shining and I can appreciate it!

Thanks Doc!

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  1. Glad that you did visit the doc...the NHS does have its moments. Over here, many politicians treat with disdain.

    I'm sure that the doctor gave your good advice about the prescription, but I'd want to just rest up bit, Then see how you feel without any more pills. It's possible that building that beautiful garden house might have helped cause the strain?

    (It's easier for me to give advice than to accept it myself. Be well!)


    1. I did it some months ago lifting something, thought it would just go but got worse in last few weeks. The pills are labelled addictive so I will only take them when desperate.

  2. Glad to hear that you managed to get an appointment and he has started to fix you up, yes take it easy

    1. It was a she doctor - not showing my thighs to anyone! Also I always feel guilty as she obviously has early onset MS and must be on more pain than me!

  3. Ouch, sounds painful hope the pain goes away soon

  4. I think the relief of knowing that you don't have a hernia is enough to make you feel better, is it not?
    Margaret P



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