Sunday, 5 June 2016

Strawberry season has started

Picked the first bowl full of strawberries today (in the poly tunnel from the older and more established plants). Have had the odd one or two over the last week but this was a proper amount each for tea with ice cream.

There are lots more to come which lead me to start a search for SIMPLE strawberry puddings. I have done some research and decided too many recipes are complex and need lots of ingredients. I have found two things to try which seem quite simple.

Strawberry mini marshmallow mouse
Strawberry marshmallow mousse

250g of strawberries
25 g caster sugar
100 ml water
200ml cream

Strawberry milk lollipops
400g ripe strawberries
200ml semi skim milk
400g light condensed milk
Strawberry milk pops
I am just going to alter my shopping list to make sure I have enough store cupboard supplies to deal with the harvest in the next few weeks - I think we may be over run if the weather warms up here! 


  1. having only just set up a strawberry bed in the poly tunnel no early strawbs until next year for us, outside ones are just starting to ripen :-)

    1. Let's hope the warm weather continues!

  2. Can you be over run with strawberries? I love them plain with just a pinch of sugar. Oh I am missing all the fruit at the smallholding, shop bought just don't have the same flavour

    1. I love em. Husband prefers raspberries - plenty of them too! Nothing beats the just picked taste of soft fruit.

  3. I have hundreds of unripe strawberries as they are outside. Oh how I wish I had a poly tunnel. Loving the recipies.



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