Friday, 8 July 2016

Change of diet

Welcome to new followers - will catch up soon.

What I like about growing to eat immediately is just as you can't bear the same thing for dinner yet again due to a glut, the garden moves on with its harvest and presents you with a new set of tasty treats!

We have moved on to broad beans and carrots!

Got to get through the bean  crop quickly as I have just spotted a couple of runner beans are nearly ready!

And in exchange for cucumbers which had all 6 had ripened at once in our greenhouse- neighbour leant us a mini mower and trailer to take hedge cuttings up to the bonfire. I had done   4 trips with the wheelbarrow already, each trip is 200 steps each way, and was fed up. The trailer went up twice and saved me 8 x 2 x 200 steps in more trips. Thank goodness we only cut this length once a year (after the hedge sparrows have fledged) as the rest of the time it provides a good place for the birds to shelter in any windy weather.


  1. Hubby is going to have to build you a go cart with trailer ;0)

    1. Oh yea! I could do with something racy! (or a lighter wheel barrow).

  2. There is nothing better than eating according to the seasons !

    1. Its the best! I am starting to resent buying oranges and bananas even. Cant grow those of course. When we were little they were a treat not an everyday item!


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