Sunday, 17 July 2016

Home improvements

Do you ever start a small job in the house only to find it leads to several  other things like cascading dominoes?

I wanted to complete the painting of the interior of the sewing cabin.

First the tongue and grove MDF sheets that are going to line the conservatory being stored in there had to come out and be cut to size.
But before it could be fitted we had some left over sheets of insulating material which we were going to line the single brick walls of the conservatory below the new windows we had fitted some months ago.
But before that the batterns had to be fixed to the wall.

OK, got that prep done. But there was no step to get in and out of the cabin with the heavy sheets.

First we had to build a step.
That made a pile of dirt and turf.  That had to go to fill a dip in the front lawn. Not quite enough.
That led to barrowing more soil and turf from the stack in the back garden.
Finding the shady lawn seed we had for years in the shed and sowing and watering.

OK, got that sorted.  Back to the conservatory.

And back to the painting (eventually).


  1. Sounds normal to me too. We start one job which leads to hundreds more! Its looking good though. Loving the colours.

  2. My husband always likes to tell the story that all he wanted to do was finish the wall beside the stairs going down to the basement. Well, that snowballed, and by the time he and his uncle had finished we had a family room with wet bar, bedroom, sewing room, bathroom, laundry room, furnace room and storage room, and every inch of the basement was finished!!!!

    1. That sounds ambitious! We swore we would do no more house building projects on retiring!

  3. Our summer house is my sewing room and I came up with the good idea of painting the inside walls was like painting the Fourth Bridge! It seemed to be never ending as it took 4 coats of paint to get a half decent finish - I wish you lots of luck with yours and hope it's not half as hard xxx

    1. Two coats and it is not a bad finish - a bit shabby chic?


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