Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Day out in Cley

Too hot for gardening so we went out yesterday for the day to Cley next the Sea (west Norfolk).  The village was very small, with little flint cottages tucked here and there, everywhere grew the most brilliant holly hocks. We explored the village, wandering down cool footpaths between the houses and avoiding traffic snarls in the very narrow through road when coasthopper bus service met large lorries.

The beach is steep shingle and was caressed by a light wind. Cooled feet!

Fishing fleet was pulled up on the shingle bank, with a wonderful collection of old tractors that pull them in and out.

We wandered into the lovely church to look at an art exhibition and lurking in the gloom was this scary sculpture. Made with kitchen utensils.

This is my favourite picture. Almost monochrome. Photos were allowed on this occasion.
Traffic was awful on way home around Kings Lynn.  

A thunderstorm has just arrived here and there is the wonderful smell of rain on the hot ground.


  1. Lucky you to have a thunder storm, it's oh so muggy here.

    1. It certainly cleared the air! Just 24.8C in the lounge at nearly 10pm!

  2. Essex has been breezy today but just as hot. No rain everything drying out fast. Would welcome a thunderstorm. Love the painting too.



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