Friday, 29 July 2016

Nuclear power

Can I just say thank goodness someone in Government is questioning the need for nuclear power stations in Somerset. 

Never mind the cost, the fact it will be run and owned by foreign companies, the 1000 years to get rid of the waste, the design that is unproved, the power will be more expensive for the next 50 years, and yet another large concrete blot on the coastal landscape.

Invest the £18 billion in green energy - building yet another nuclear lump on the coast where harnessing the tidal range could produce the same amount of power is crazy!!
Image result for images of somerset coastline


  1. I'm with you all the way here, Trish Wish! The local community need jobs, but not jobs at any price.
    Margaret P

    1. if only local people got those "good" jobs - most of the engineers etc are brought in from elsewhere. Locals get the manual labouring jobs on projects like this.

  2. I live near three enormous solar farms and I'd rather see that than a nuclear power station. Two of the farms can only be seen in the winter when the hedges foliage dies back. The other one is very new and as yet has no screening at all. All new homes should have solar tiles.

    1. We can see 8 or 9 wind turbines from here and actually enjoy noticing their movement! As wild fauna and flora can flourish around solar panels I would not object to a field of these either!


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