Monday, 1 August 2016

Stolen runner beans

We had a small glut of runner beans this morning and as my husband was going to sell some of his sunflowers at the gate I agreed to put out two cartons of runner beans (2 x 1 lb). After coffee I went to the gate to see if things were OK, the beans had gone but there was no money!

Grr...... I could have frozen them or given them to neighbours or to the charity village shop that likes to sell a little produce,,,,,,,

Would not have minded one box not being paid for but to take both!!!!


  1. A sad reflection on our world, let's hope the person who took them had no change and returns tomorrow with the cash.

  2. That's a shame about the runner beans. Hoping it's a unique incident. xo

  3. I hope it was a situation were they had no change and will pop back with the money. Its sad if they've been stolen.

  4. They may pop back with the money yet. We have put out veggies/honey eggs etc for 35 years now and have never had anyone not pay. Some days there is more money than there should be!
    Hope this was a one off for you and hasn't put you off.

  5. What a cheek.


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