Sunday, 3 July 2016

Simple things in life

Some simple things make a big difference!
 These shoes were driving me nuts, they were uncomfortable with tights perhaps a bit loose; thin socks slipped down round your heels, and I was ready to bin them as they had not been overly expensive.

95p spent on a whim in the village hardware shop on these sole inserts while I was supposed to just buying some more garden string.

Problem solved!

Will make this pair of shoes wearable for the foreseeable.

Now I just have to ask why is not possible to make comfortable shoes fit for a bit of serious town walking  in the first place?

 I have to buy some new hiking/trainers and am dreading the experience of searching, the trying on, the compromise, the disappointment and the expense!

 I am the anti this of all those shoe-ahlolic!


  1. I hate buying shoes too - you are not alone.

    1. Thank goodness - thought it was just me!

  2. I have a pair exactly the same, I bought them brand new for £1 in a charity shop x

  3. I use innersoles in my works boots because they're too big and make my feet sore. It great that 99p has solved your problem.


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