Monday, 4 July 2016

Strawberry Harvest

We seem to have done the main harvest of strawberries and I have recorded 22 lbs picked so far. That is about 30 plants in the poly tunnel and 20 out in the field.  There are more to come but it is slowing. Not all great quality and some marked but not a great deal of waste.

Our neighbour who has used his field as a market garden for some 40 years has got fed up and mowed all his strawberries off and ploughed in between the long rows to stop the runners. He has been disappointed in the quality due to the weather being varied apparently. We stood there open mouthed because as far as we could see they may not be great but there was plenty to be used for jam or puddings. People were still calling by looking to buy. Oh well, not our business, and despite a large local family network none seems to be interested.

I have now used my planned recipes, as well as having many bowls of just fresh recipes with ice cream or yogurt.
Strawberry jam (8 jars)
Strawberry lollipops (8) tin of light condensed milk blended with 400g of fruit and some milk. I used yogurt pots and left over Magnum sticks as I don't have any of those plastic moulds.
Strawberry mouse (about 6 servings) a lot of cream and marshmallows!
Strawberry sauce - brown sugar, balsamic vinegar and 200g of bits of fruit - simmered.

And a new one I found in an old magazine supplement that fell out of the bookcase when I was moving some books
Macerated strawberries (Hugh Fernley W.) I know it sounds the name makes it sound uck but it was very nice! Halved or sliced fruit has caster sugar sprinkled over and left to soak. Then add black pepper and balsamic vinegar and leave for a little while. Serve as room temperature with a biscuit like shortbread.

I have frozen about 4 lbs for cooking with later so I will be able to repeat all these puds later in the year.

Meanwhile the raspberries have started to ripen much to my husband's delight as they are his favourite.  Which do you prefer?
I was born in the south of Hampshire when it was all strawberry fields so I am a Strawberry girl.  My husband was born in Kent, surrounded by cherry orchard and fruit farms and is raspberry.


  1. Now, that's nicer than goosegogs, har, har! Those I like!!!
    Margaret P

  2. I finally won the war with the slugs and have had about 8lb of strawberries with more still to come. Some plants have started to flower again. Like you the rain and cold has had an effect bu they haven't gone to waste. I have open frozen a big tub to add to other berries for the winter. My raspberries must be a later variety because they're only just got tiny fruits on them.

    1. I am at war with a ripe strawberry stealing blackbird!!

  3. the raspberries are going quite mental , which is a little worrying as they fruited till december last year . But id just used the last in the freezer . Strawberries havent been great ,down to the last few now , the slugs have enjoyed them so much . Just the vagaries of crops i think

    1. That is late for rasps. We had some strawbs in the tunnel over the winter.



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