Saturday, 23 July 2016

Tomato harvest starting

The tomatoes have started to ripen. The first one is a plum cooking one.

This is s beefsteak variety and a slice cooked well on top of home made beef burger!

But you can't beat a Gardeners Delight in a salad!

I see Monty Don on Gardeners World recommends taking off all the lower leaves. I will have to get to that over the next few days.  I enjoyed RHS Tatton park coverage on BBC2 this week, in seemed like a show a bit less "high brow" than Chelsea.

On the sweet peas front - today I went with all the red ones today!  


  1. Our tomatoes are just starting to ripen as well.

    God bless.

    1. What variety have you gone with?

  2. I've been removing the lower leaves to make watering easier too! I do love the colour of those sweet peas they're stunning! I'm definitely going to grow them with the peas at the side of my decking next year!



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