Thursday, 21 July 2016

Went with the blue sweet peas

My husband has been growing sweet peas of various colours but I decided just to pick all the blue ones.

I wonder what colour I shall have tomorrow? The problem is that you have to keep picking to make them keep flowering.

Harvested our garlic as the leaves were getting rust. They were laid in the green house to dry but when the temperature reached 45C n there I pulled them out, cleaned off the dry dirt and leaves and brought them to the conservatory which is slightly less hot. Its a bit of a tangy smell and it is keeping the bugs out!

I will pull dried leaves off when they are thoroughly dried out.


  1. My garlic wasn't good at all. I will try again thus year.

  2. I love sweet peas, I harvested out garlic the other day and its sitting in the poly tunnel drying happy with the harvest :-)


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