Monday, 8 August 2016

Hysterical dentist and bus ride

I hate dental treatment. My early childhood of very bad dentists has left me scared for life. So having broken a back tooth and had a front crown come out over the weekend I was not looking forward to the emergency appointment. But  I have a very efficient new dentist who looked after me brilliantly, so no hysterics from me this time! Of course it might help that he is a young, Italian, with a lovely smile....

I wandered back to the bus station via a bit of window shopping and caught the midday bus. There is a section of road for buses only on the way out of town which is accessible via some bollards that go down when the buses approach. Only they didn't work and the bus reversed and went the long way round, This prompted a lot of moaning from an older man just behind me. He was mollified by his female companion. A few minutes later she tried a distraction  of a bag of cream horns. I was horrified. You can't eat them on the bus, I thought, the flaky bits will go everywhere. 

I must have tuned out for a bit, working on de-numbing my mouth from the injection, when the next bit of conversation caught my attention.
"So you don;t want me then?"
"I can't commit"
"You just have to say yes or no." She pressed.
Blimey I thought are they reading the script of a teenage soap?
"Can we be friends?!
Blimey, dumped on the bus on a Monday lunch time???

The bus had reached my stop, so I got up a bit early to sneak a look at this love crossed pair. They were not teenagers; both 60 if not more!

 If my tongue had not been numb I might have risked a comment.  "he's not worth it, darling, get a real bloke," !!!

 As it was I had to rush as the bus driver ignored the bell and sailed past my stop!!! I made him stop on the next bend, as the next stop is miles up the road and its a long enough walk.

Too much excitement for a Monday.


  1. Wow what an eventful day. The public never fails to astonish me.

    1. I always thought Victoria Wood must be on buses I was on, she would definitely had made a script out of that!

  2. Makes me miss traveling on buses!
    i'm gearing up to make a dentist appointment - it's taken me 5 months so far!

    1. I am wondering if I can go a whole year.......

  3. I was terrified of the dentist as a child having suffered badly with fillings without any Novocaine, as happened in the 1950s. But when my best friend became a dental nurse I went to that dentist so she would be there and my fears changed somewhat, and the dentist was a kind one (or kinder!)
    I now have a lovely dentist, a Pole, and he is very gentle and excellent - a pity dentists like him weren't around in the 1950s; it they had been, I'd have nicer teeth! He recently had to remove part of a fractured tooth and he thought it wouldn't be suitable for a crown, but after three treatments of root canal work and an impression, he fitted a crown and it's fine. The root canal work, which I dreaded as I've been told it's awful, was a doddle (for me, I don't know about the dentist!) and totally pain-free. MOdern dentistry is wonderful. He told me I didn't have to suffer any pain whatsoever, and I didn't.
    Oh, I lover over-hearing conversations such as the one you heard! I've heard some crackers in my time!
    Margaret P



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