Sunday, 7 August 2016

Annual electricity summary

All our accounts are on line so we were surprised to get a paper statement from our electricity supplier.  Usually that annoys me. (My attitude is: do it on line entirely, please, and just send an email.) But on this occasion it was actually interesting and almost informative.

Apparently over the last year we have used 5% less electricity, compared to previous year.

We decided we have saved that 5% by

  • Looking at the SMART meter regularly and questioning what it is reading.  If its high we go and find out why.
  • Developing good habits of turning off lights, devices, anything on standby, etc
  • Planning cooking - its either all on the hob or all in the oven.
  • Being careful about having our TV system on.  (8 years old, and good but expensive to run).  Not left to burble in the corner - watch something purposefully or turn it off!
I read somewhere that if we all used 6% less electricity per year the UK would not have to build Hinkley Nuke Power.  I am now determined to increase my score in the next year!

Apparently,  we could save £50 by committing to a 2 year deal. Unfortunately there was no information on the 2 year deal in the envelope!  So will have to go on line anyway! Grr...

Image result for swallow images
On a pleasant note around out house our swallow count seems to have increased from 3 or 4 pairs in the Spring to a little flock of 20 plus.  They have taken to sitting on the roof twittering away noisily when they are not swooping in great displays of aerobatics out the back over the grass areas.


  1. Great savings on the electric! I am hoping to get ours down by at least that much once the new furnace is in and we have vented it into some rooms that use electric heat right now.

    God bless.

    1. I was skeptical at first that new domestic equipment was really a money saving move, but since we had our new oil boiler I am impressed with the little electricity it uses.

  2. Great news on the swallows, would love to see some here. We are always watching out electricity usage, it's so easy to run up huge bills.

  3. Like you I make sure everything is switched off when its not in use, even the microwave. I have enough devices to tell me the time without leaving on a lot other kitchen gadgets. My electricity is the same as last year so far. Hubby is a repeated OFFENDER for falling asleep in front of the TV. I now set his alarm on his phone when I go to bed to wake him up. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    1. We have a kitchen wall clock that works on a single A4 battery for about 3 years!



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