Saturday, 27 August 2016

Whistling fridge

Our fridge is about 13 years old (older than any of our grandchildren) and it is struggled this summer. For the last two weeks on closing the door it has whistled at me!

I looked up advice on the internet,  It is so useful for this kind of thing.

What was the advice? - clean it basically.  It suggests fluff bending fan blades; blocked ducts; ice overload in the automatic de icer; etc. Apparently the fridge pulls the cold air up from the freezer to take them temperature back down when its been opened even for a few seconds.

So I emptied as much as possible, stopped picking any more garden stuff for a day and borrowed some freezer space in a neighbours and started the cleaning inside and promised to vacuum the outside

The whistle stopped!!

Phew - no way can we afford a replacement at the moment!


  1. Long live the internet it's blooming marvellous at solving problems!

  2. well done, I love it when you can do a fix like that :-)

  3. It pays to drag out the fridge occasionally and vacuum the back. It all gets fluffed-up. And to keep it a distance from the wall to allow air flow around it. Our previous fridge/freezer lasted 26 years and even then it was the freezer that 'went' but repairing it would be far too costly for such an old machine, which we actually liked, so it had to go. It was a German make and it was a lovely chocolate brown, very stylish when we bought it. Five years ago we replaced it with a Siemans (not sure of spelling, too lazy to walk to kitchen to check!) which is excellent.
    Now watch it pack up, the moment I've said that!
    Margaret P

  4. Great savings on the fridge. Must remember this when or if our fridge decides to do the same thing.

    God bless.



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