Friday, 23 September 2016

Frugal projects

A couple of weeks ago I set myself two frugal and thrifty make over projects. One was to make a top from a pretty cotton standard size pillowcase I brought for 50p.
I  could not make it work just cutting a neck in the end as I am a size 14 at least. I used the longer width with a Simplicity pattern which gave me a simple pull over  top down to navel. Not being of the cropped top generation, I used the remaining fabric to join a strip along the bottom to lengthen and the odd bits to make a binding round the neck and armholes. I ignore all the good sewing practices of joining patterns and cutting on bias or even using matching thread  (just used a similar enough colour from the sewing basket).

It worked out fine. I now have thin top for gardening. I found I wore this kind of top with shorts for the majority of this summer as it was cooler than t-shirt knit material.  I need about 4 more so that I have one for every day.  That is one of my winter projects!

My other frugal re-make was to rescue and re paint a chair for my cabin.  Here it is with its coat of bright buttercup gloss.

The paint cost £5 in the local hardware shop and now I remember why we have choosen water based paints in the house. Yuk smell and long drying time. It was a very small tin and I only used a quarter up. So more up cycling projects will have to be found for this paint.

The chair makes a bright statement against the blue paint of the cabin interior.


  1. What a lovely top. That will be perfect for gardening next summer. Good for you recycling an inexpensive pillowcase into something so wonderful.

    God bless.

  2. What a brilliant project and what a success, well done. I have been looking at a couple of expensive ´white stuff´ dresses that I have and I´m most certainly going to try to turn tham into something else as I don´t like them anymore. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Love the top , sadly I think I would need a duvet cover rather than a


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