Sunday, 25 September 2016

Making a petticoat

I had been thinking about making a full length petticoat ( or slip, to use a more modern term) for some time.  One of my cotton dresses just felt uncomfortable without a slip, and my only one had long gone after many years of faithful service. Then I read a sewing blog of someone who had the same problem and had made her own. Inspired to get on with it I had another look through the pattern box and found a simple pattern. 

I then looked in the stash box of fabric given to me and found a thin pink nylon and a silky blue rayon.  Having just made something where I ignored all the rules of sewing on a bias this project was all bias work!  The pattern was cut single layer on the cross grain!
It does you good to try something new and I even mastered the roleau straps technique.  I also learned that a blunt needle int he sewing machine and this kind of fabric do not work. Essential to change to the right needle.
And the rolled bias binding that you attach on the wrong side and roll over the top edges to make a facing down on to the right side.Not a great picture -sorry.

Now its nearly finished (will post a pic later)  I am thinking it is substantial enough to be worn as a nightie and the thinner pink fabric may be a better slip.  I will get back to the stash box for another go at this simple make. Especially when I saw that a simple slip in the shops is at least £14!!  Blimey, since I no longer work in a posh office and go to endless conferences  I only wear a dress 2 or 3 times in the summer these days and I am not paying that for something to sit unworn in a drawer.


  1. Well done its sounding good. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished article.

  2. Sounds as if you have figured out a great way to replace your slips.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished article.

    God bless.



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