Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Hungry family of 10 needed!

Our summer crop of pointed cabbage has gone a little mad! This one is 20 inches high and 37 inches round and I can scarcely carry it. The outer leaves and stalk practically filled the wheelbarrow.  It can't fit in the fridge so is lurking in the dark under-stairs cupboard.

Luckily its not closely packed like a white cabbage in the middle even so a slice is more hand enough for a meal for us two.   We have visitors over the weekend - I hope they like cabbage.

What we really need is a large vegetable hungry family of 10 for a week - as there is another one lurking in the brassica bed which is even larger.


  1. what a wonderful cabbage, well done

  2. Good grief! That would surely win a prize at a local produce show

  3. Brilliant, so perfectly formed too. Love pointed cabbage.

  4. Gosh I have never seen one like that x

  5. Oh my goodness. Cabbage soup here we come!


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