Thursday, 6 October 2016

Blouse for Kew trip

In my new sewing cabin (joy unbounded!!) I have run up this quick blouse using some recycled duvet cover material and a free pattern. It has raglan sleeves and was a quick make. I am so pleased that a size 16 pattern fits me. (It is a mental thing - reading size 18 or 20 on something makes me feel fatter).

I have teamed it with a pink cardi I brought 3 years ago and never worn. I have removed rows of ruffles between the chiffon roses on its front to make it less flouncy. Apart from that it is a lovely silky material and just the right colour. I may end up taking of the roses as well eventually (just not me).

(How do you take a picture without camera being in it? Is that what a selfie stick is for?)

Teamed with a rose printed shoulder bag I feel botanical enough for our planned visit to Kew Gardens!  It is London, it is always hotter than I think it will be and I am learning not to take country weight wear and ending up carrying it round all day.


  1. That's a very pretty top and it looks lovely with your pink cardigan-x-

  2. The pinks match so well and look very lovey together.

    God bless.

  3. Trish, the way in which you placed the flowery design of the fabric on the blouse design is very good! The top looks grand with the cardi...I would leave the roses on the cardi...they are a great touch.

    Have fun at Kew. I love that place! xo

  4. It looks lovely you should be really chuffed. It goes very well with the cardigan and an excellent choice for Kew.


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