Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Autumn colours

We have been blessed this week with some wonderfully sunny days but there was one or two cold nights so the autumn colours have started to show around the place.  The blueberries did not exactly overwhelm us with berries this year but the foliage today is a marvellous plum red.

The leaves on the cultivated blackberry have just the tinge of red on their edges. There are a few more berries but having about 12 lbs in the freezer I am not anxious to collect them all now.

All our tree fruit was a disappointment this year, but this pear trees leaves against the blue sky has earnt its forgiveness for now!

The sunflowers have lost their petals, but then they trebled in size and made these great big heads. Weird looking but fascinating. They are supposed to be a pollen free variety (for cut flowers) but the bees still go on them.

Further down the garden there is nothing attractive about these sweet peas. They are dead. I had to done some gloves and get going on clearing and saving the seeds and canes for next year.

I am trying to get my husband to grow less but be strict and keep them under control for better flower stems. It will be a commitment of time. Trouble is now his woodworking shed is up and running with full electric, windows and comfort he is hiding in there most days !


  1. Stunning colours on the leaves.
    I think if I had a shed with electric, windows and comfort I would probably hide in there all day too although I would be sewing and not woodworking-x-

  2. What lovely fall colours.

    God bless.

  3. You did have some beautiful sweet pea flowers throughout the summer. Its been very windy here on the coast and the trees are really starting to shed their leaves.

  4. Trish, I envy you the opportunity to harvest those sweet pea seeds. Aren't those flowers amazing? xo


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