Friday, 21 October 2016

I'm off!

Welcome to another couple of followers - I will explore your profiles week after next as I am busy packing for a week away.  We are going to North Wales with our youngest son, wife and 2 year old grandson.  Not sure if the rented cottage will have wi-fi to do any internet stuff, but I can't imagine those two without direct access to the WWW as they are true London Yuppies with City jobs and a keen interest in politics!!  They are going to a wedding at the end of the week which is child-free, so we are being taken along (free of charge) as babysitters.

Suspect it will be a bit colder than here so have put all my winter woolies and jeans out. Er, should I be worried that everything I own that is not in the "only for gardening and decorating" will fit into one small roll-on suitcase??  Have I downsized too much? Some of those jumpers have all ready been designated as on their last good year and next year will be in the gardening drawer?

Or have I been seduced by visiting Matalan yesterday where they had some nice stuff.  Went to buy a cheap pair of new jeans (£10), first for a year, and a nightie (£5), first for 4 years, and a pair of new pyjamas for hubby (£14) first for 3 years?

Note to self - must get out to the sewing cabin on my return and get busy. I have cracked the need for blouses but I must develop some trouser making skills!  No need to worry about jumpers - I have not inherited any knitting skills from my extremely talented mother and aunts.

Back soon!


  1. Have a wonderful time. At least you subsidise your wardrobe withe your needlecraft or the trips to Matalan could be more often and more expensive.

  2. Have a lovely vacation and enjoy being Grandma.

    God bless.



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