Thursday, 3 November 2016

Misty garden work

Usually you can see the wind turbines 8 miles away but on Monday this week you can barely see across the road. We have several buddlia in the front garden but one is rotten at the base so we have brought a mahonia to replace it. Will also give colour in the winter/spring. 
It must be age but we are getting better at preparing to do these tasks. We go to the shed and agree ALL the tools and put in the wheelbarrow before the long walk to the front! We are also using more and more of the small pieces of old tarpaulin (the grotty plastic stuff - cheap but frays). Two pieces canm out - one to put the soil on and a larger one to gather the branches.

Because it was rotten a few whacks of the spade and sledgehammer removed the stump. Soil replaced, trod down, raked and re seeded.

Branches were towed in their tarp up to the bonfire and we went for coffee before collecting the tools. Still very foggy.

The other buddllia need reducing by 50% this year. A task we are putting off for a while longer.

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