Thursday, 3 November 2016

Autumn harvest

A cold start yesterday but the afternoon was sunny and dry so we did some harvesting!
Enough veg for the next few days. yet we need that hungry family of 10 again to get through these giant parsnips. One lasts quite a few days.  Left some on doorsteps of neighbours (while they were out).

I have tried a new thing to get the last tomatoes from the polytunnel to fully ripen. I must have heard it somewhere - perhaps Gardeners World last week - which is to put them with a banana. It worked very well with the last bowlful.

I have been keeping a food diary this week for two reasons. One my husband has not felt well once or twice and we can't work out what is upsetting his tum. Second, food prices are rising and we need to see what can be improved health and money-wise.


  1. Hope you get to the bottom of hubbies tummy upset. Lovely haul from the garden.

  2. First of all, Trish, I hope that your husband will be feeling back to 100% very soon.

    Second, congrats to you all on having such a successful growing season in your garden. Your reporting of the parsnip donations made me smile.

    I've known that tomatoes can be ripened by having bananas close, and also that tomatoes might quicken the ripening of certain fruits. I guess that the brilliant Mr Google might give us lots of info.

    It's a pleasure to visit here and see how our retirement weeks compare. Isn't it grand to be retired! xo



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