Saturday, 19 November 2016

Thrifty bedroom remakes etc

Been popping in and out of the house all week. Waiting for the sun to warm things up enough for a few hours gardening and then when it cools by 3.30, or rains, I pop back in.  I have been doing a few things in the main bedroom to improve our lives.

Since 1998 we brought one of those pine bed frames, king size, but a very thick yellow varnish.  We have moved 8 times since then and every single time we promised not to put the thing back together. Then we do because with a hard orthopaedic mattress it is actually a comfortable bed!
But I hate the end rails and the headboard is so uncomfortable for leaning against for reading. In retirement we are doing more and more reading! I have tried pillows and throws but the varnish makes everything slip off. We were watching one of those make over programmes recently and agreed a frame could be added with foam padding. Husband promised to put on his "to do" list.

Meanwhile I had an idea. By tying a very rough piece of wood to the back I created a surface to wrap on old worn out blanket round. I then cover it with half of a worn out  blue cotton duvet cover. (At least the linen cupboard was looking emptier). Once I had sewn the blanket and cover in place I pulled the wood out. We tried it for a few days and agreed it was about right for now and that it had cost nothing.

Then I found a throw in the charity shop for £1.50 and decided to cover it again to add texture. I then found a big needle and did some "quilting" points before adding some buttons from a craft stash.
The throw is a bit worn in one place (does not look as bad, I think the photo brings  out the worn  bit)  but the colour overall is about right. I may add more buttons as I come across some interesting ones.

As a quick revamp it has been cheap and is now much more comfortable!  One day we will do the frame and foam with some super fabric.

In another charity shop I found some fabric for sale for £5.60. It is just the right pattern and colour to cover the brown leather chair in the corner of the bedroom.
Again I was influenced by that "Money for Nothing" programme on BBC. If they can do it so can I!  I have started to make a pattern using last weekend's newspaper. We don't have weekend papers often and I like to make good use of the money spent! (We also did 80% of crossword puzzle without looking anything up this time!).
I might have to use some plain cream fabric round the back as the pattern stuff may not be quite enough. I will post more on this project later as it may take some time!

Meanwhile in another charity shop (I did the round of charities as a distraction on the way to the dentists!)  I found this adorable baby quilt. It will be good to have something for visits from the two grand children who will be 3 year olds next summer as we are going to buy a low single bed for them to have now they are too big for cots.

The sheep's ears stick up like flaps. The back has numbers on it. so sweet. And only £3.50!

Not looking forward to the expected storm this weekend - I hope everyone stays safe.


  1. What great finds and very clever use of the fabrics. ⛈🌪

  2. Just love that lamb quilt.
    Good luck with the chair covering looks to complicated for me!

  3. Clever DIY's and how wonderful that you will be able to read comfortably in bed.

    Love the lamb quilt.

    God bless.

  4. It is so lovely when you can up-cycle something, isn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with that chair! We painted a couple of chests of drawers (our bedside 'tables') in the summer so instead of dark brown furniture they are now Farrow & Ball's House White eggshell and look so much prettier. I'd not advocate doing this with all furniture, but for non-valuable pieces, painting is a good way of making them nicer (although I'm not keen on the vogue for 'distressing').
    Margaret P



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