Friday, 25 November 2016

Chair project

Been working on this chair project this week.  It is a leather tub chair with a fixed seat (not an Ikea one which I have discovered would have been much easier).  I didn't want to spoil the leather at all, it is in good condition, but I wanted to add some colour and pattern as it was making the corner of the bedroom quite dark.

The fabric (on the floor) came from the Oxfam shop for £5.60. When I did look up ideas on Pininterest I could see most makeovers involved stapling which I did not want to do that except on the underneath.

I developed a paper pattern following the existing leather panels and kept fitting and trying out the shaping till it fitted.

In the end I tacked it all up with big loose stitches and then machined it up in stages. Eventually it fitted reasonably. I could not re do any bits this time as I had limited fabric. If I do this again I might choose a fabric (and have enough) that could be cut on the bias around the back semi circular bit.

Meanwhile it has transformed the corner of the room and I am pleased with the make over.

My first upholstery project - I might find some others!


  1. Your chair looks fab. Not an easy thing to do, you did a really great job.Enjoy.

    1. I have lots of pin holes in my fingers!

  2. Great job. Upholstery is not easy, I did a sofa once.

    1. Our current sofa is a cream leather - I do look at it getting grubby and think is it a good idea??

  3. Replies
    1. It is definitely an in colour this year as I see it everywhere now!

  4. What a lovely pop of colour.

    God bless.

  5. Wowzer! That's great! I've posted on my blog about the colour pink (I think this material is mainly pink, is it not?) which is quite an historic colour. This is so much better than the leather. I'm not a fan of leather furniture (unless an antique leather chesterfield, or a top to a desk) ... it's like sitting on lumps of cow, I much prefer material (yes, leather is a 'material' but I think you know what I mean.)
    Margaret P


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