Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Winter fuel payment

Had the letter from DWP today re winter fuel payments being made to us shortly. Just as well as we had spent 75% of our joint allowance on a lorry load of logs on Monday!

In the last 2 years we have demolished all the old sheds and replaced them with lovely new ones so our problem was where to stuff the logs out of the rain?

Not to worry. We have kept various timbers and posts and had some left over roofing material!  Husband set to building a log store behind the fence. I am relegated to finding suitable bits of wood from the stash and fetching tools.  In the end only 3 bits of wood needing cutting to length!

Took an afternoon and a morning to wheelbarrow the logs from the drive and stack them. 

We kept a couple of wheelbarrow loads near the house in a corner of one shed (in boxes) ready to use. We won't want to come right up to the store in pouring rain!

Luckily the weather has held out for this task to be completed and was even warm for a while (12C). Some stormy skies came and went.
By the time this and a couple of other jobs were complete we realised we had missed the Children in Need rickshaw ride that came through the village. Never mind - we had a cup of tea instead.

Meanwhile the spare plates have been dug out of the cupboards and washed ready for any Xmas excess.

The far corner of the cupboard had been home to several spiders so it had to swept out and washed down. Yuk.

Dentist tomorrow and this is not going to be cheap!  Dreading it.


  1. I don't like the dentist either and having to pay for something you don't like is criminal!

  2. I will join in the not liking visits to the dentist.

    God bless.

  3. I have got the dentist on the 2nd of Dec only a check up, love your little log store

  4. We made a log store a couple of years ago and found a slightly sloped roof worked better enabling the rain to run off instead of pooling on the top. Hope that helped.

    1. The rood support had a bit of support built in but the roofing stuff had be stored across a pallet so is a bit wavy. Hope it relaxes and straightens out at some point!

  5. Read the word dentist and came out in a hot sweat!
    On Col's Employment support allowance he gets a £10 Christmas lucky we are!

  6. Lucky you. They stole my fuel allowance by lieing about the average temperature in France.
    But as any fool knows south of the Channel the sun shines every day and it is always warm.

    1. I was once on an EU educational programme in Portugal in October - it was freezing!! DWP has some very strange ideas!



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