Sunday, 13 November 2016

Preparing for Christmas ( or Not)

Not great fans of fussy Christmas's any more so very little prep is done here (in comparison to other bloggers,  and the rest of the world, who seem devoted to it!).

Various reasons, My mother and mother in law were so impossible with demands at this season for years and years, we were glad to see the back of the "family festivities." These days are adult sons have gone their own ways.  One son has converted to Islam so only superficially takes part to give his girls some experiences.  Another son is married to a Hindu (non practising) so does not go the whole hog either. Other son's partner is a bit like my mother and spends money they have not got so it does his head in and we hide as his moaning does my head in!!!

So what have I achieved by November 13th?

I brought a jar of mincemeat in this week's shopping.

I practised my sausage roll making - husband ate them all so there is nothing "in store" for December!

I started to deep clean some rooms in case we have visitors. I might dig out the "Christmas" plates and platters and give them a rinse later.

I got out all the left over cards and charity freebies that come unsolicited and the list. We need 20 cards maximum.
I have gone out to my sewing cabin and made some cards.  Using an appliqué pattern off the Interwebby I  copied the outline on to a cheap blank card from Wilko's, extended the antlers of this reindeer, used hatch lines to decorate the body and added the bauble. Lightly water-coloured. Its cute!  I may do another one if the husband insists on watching reality TV tonight (otherwise my brain may melt with boredom).

Another appliqué pattern for a reindeer head which I copied on to some sample Christmas fabric I had in the stash, backed with fusible stiffener. Looked up appliqué stitch on the new sewing machine and practised changing the stitch size (smaller on the horns). Buttons for eyes. 

I have been keeping some old wrapping paper for a couple of years as I liked the designs. So I used the robin to make my own applique pattern.
I think I will add some fluffy white fabric under the hat and make the mouth more distinct before gluing to a blank card.

Husband's prep? Brought some outside lights for his workshop to be decorated and made the annual phone call to his sister early.

I will read everyone else's bloggs with interest to see what preparations I am missing!


  1. Lovely cards, we don't send that many now as the post is so expensive, glad hubby enjoyed your sausage rolls. I shall have to start making space in the freezer for Christmas Prep.

  2. I may cut out a few more from that list. I would rather send a nice email!

  3. I loved Christmas when the children were smaller and Mother-in-Law still alive, Since then I would willingly not bother but OH insists it's a time for families to be together and all children especially son and DiL LOVE it all!
    We have no room for visitors here this year.......GOOD! I thought but I suppose we will have to do something :-(

  4. We will have my son and his family on Christmas Day and I will be doing a late lunch so that I don't have to do tea as well. Otherwise I spend all day and evening in the kitchen while everybody else is enjoying themselves. I've done that for so many years that I put my foot down this year.
    I love that robin....he is just so cute-x-

  5. Oh I love your zentangle reindeer wonderful, the applique is fab to, I have stopped sending cards, full stop, I now make a tree decoration family and friends get a small decoration instead of a card that is ultimately going to be thrown away, I always keep a few in stock and anyone we are visiting over the holiday period I will take them a decoration for there tree, family and friends now look forward to getting a decoration and wait in anticipation to see what it is each year, it all started when my eldest left home and I made her one for her first tree that was 21 years ago, her tree now holds many decorations I have given her some I bought and some I made, as the others left I did the same and now doing it for grandkids as they are setting up home.

  6. Great unique cards that anyone would love to receive. I'm not sure what Christmas holds this year as no arrangements have been made. I will have my tree and bits as it gives me pleasure.



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