Friday, 2 December 2016

Hot curry

Welcome to new follower!

Just used 2 tablespoons of Balti curry paste to liven up left over chicken and veg (carrots, mushrooms, onion, few potatoes) with a packet of frozen tomatoes from the garden.  Nice and hot and has cut through the snuffles and sore throat nicely.

Image result for hot curry cartoon

Quiet a warm day here (8C) so shuffled out to dig a few carrots, fetch a couple of wheelbarrows of logs down to the house and add some more shrub trimmings to the bonfire.  As soon as the wind changes direction (and the flu goes) we will have to have a big session.

In the next few days my husband will be installing the bench and things in my sewing cabin.  Will publish some pictures when it is all fitted and tidy!  It has been a bit cold in there this week, down to -2C.  Which is a bit disappointing as we paid extra for thicker wood which was supposed to be more insulating.  Hopefully with furniture and curtains it will feel better.


  1. Looking forward to seeing some more photos of your sewing cabin.

    God bless.

  2. my dad was a shed man and he used to have a little paraffin heater that you could boil a kettle on , wonderful thing it was always toasty in there .



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