Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Food budget

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I ran a quick check on our accounts for the year and our food and household items for 11 months totaled £2,800. So as long as Xmas does not get out of hand we should be within the £3,000 budget I had set for this year. This will be less than 15% of our income. On top of that spending we have taken about £800 worth of fruit and veg from our garden.

Its been very frosty here the last few days so we have been late getting up and getting going.  So late we have missed the early morning news and have ended up watching a programme about charities using waste fresh food.  For the first time ever I have realised the use of mobile phone Apps! Apparently there are some UK cities that have organised restaurants and bakeries who put end of the day food on a "Too good to waste" App and people can go locally and pick up a bargain rather than the business putting the food in a bin.  Another one where people put food they are not going to use up before the best by date on a local App and others come round and take it and use it. What really good use of technology!
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Really must try to get up and get going tomorrow!


  1. Those are very interesting Apps. I wish we had something like that here.

    You did very well with the grocery budget.

    God bless.

  2. I do keep thinking I'm falling so far behind by not having a smart phone

    1. I've got one but never use the facilities as I hadn't seen any value in these App things before. It (almost) makes you wish you lived in a city instead of the country (not).

  3. I have a smart phone and wouldn't be without it. Its saves me more than I spend in monthly sim fees £5. Great apps for helping those that need it.



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