Friday, 30 December 2016

Jingle bells

Our neighbour popped in to wish us Happy New Year and to tell us he was going away. We apologised profusely.

Being semi detached usually does not worry us, but the high pitched 201+ renditions of Jingle Bells by a 2 and a half year old had penetrated the walls. He did not mind, saying little 'un was obviously a happy chap.

The happy chap either sang, talked about tractors or trains, explained his imaginary games which included a lot of running back and forth, or repeated phrases/stories of postman pat continuously until he fell over exhausted.

Unless at the beach -

Or driving a tractor at the farm park -

Silence is indeed golden after a while. His parents loved us reading quietly to him in another room!  Not many gifts needed for him (some charity shop lorries and a kite) just a lot of time given with love.

Grand daughters came over too. One loved playing the spelling game "hangman" on her ipad until it went flat, but was amazed when we got out pencils and paper and showed her how to do it the "old fashioned way", She is home schooled. She beat us (all university graduate adults) 5 games to 1. Nothing wrong with her spelling or logic!  She loved reading stories to her cousin and reads exceedingly well. I am not sure I liked the older grand daughter making efficient paper air planes for him, as I found many of them stuck in the top of Xmas tree for days afterwards!

It is amazingly quiet here now. Miss them already (I think even granddad is a little bit sorry to see them go. Just a little bit - well, now that he has found the TV changer they lost again anyway!)


  1. Oh that's so lovely. I'm pleased you had such a lovely Christmas with you family.

  2. It sounds as if you had a lovely Christmas. Quiet here as well, and we have no grandchildren to entertain us with their antics. Just a 40 and 35 year old that keep us hopping.

    God bless.

    1. Two of my children were that age before they even thought about having children themselves - look out!

  3. Grandchildren bring such joy don't they but it is sometimes nice to be alone and quiet!


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