Thursday, 29 December 2016

Dangerous Xmas gift

My youngest son and family brought me just one gift - a fantastic kitchen knife!
There was  lot of teasing around women should stand back and the men would demonstrate the correct use of knives.  Two meals later my daughter in law and I showed our "clown" hands, unscathed, while the men examined their plasters. It really is sharp!  I found a special place to store it so people have to think what they are doing before pulling it out and slicing willy nilly.

In fact all our adult presents were house orientated. I found a nice lounge side lamp on sale (reduced to £20) just before Xmas I got for my husband and I as we have one dark corner in the lounge. We had discussed it for ages but put off "treating" ourselves.

My husband worked hard before Xmas to fulfil my request for kitchen improvements before Xmas and completed the first kitchen makeover.
It fits in neatly, further back than the original and can house all those big things at once. It is painted a sort of marine turquoise. Temporary top as we will have proper worktops all round when it is all done. Just taking the overhead cupboard out helped open it up and give a lighter feel. We had just enough poly-filler and just enough left over paint to hid the hideous yellow under the cupboards and fill the 20 or so old screw holes.
It has made life a lot easier especially with the extra Xmas cooking.


  1. That is a good knife, I could do with one of those, the lamp is very nice.

  2. I have a knife like that and it's kept out of arm's length as it would slice you to bits. I don't like it though I use my old little one!

  3. I have a massive super-sharp knife in my cutlery drawer left behind by DD3's fiance who was training to be a chef. It's fantastic for everything from easily halving a frozen gammon joint that wouldn't fit in my slow cooker this Christmas, to evenly slicing up cake. But I treat it with respect and it's tucked away at the back of the drawer so it's not easily grabbed by any unsuspecting soul. I love the lamp, that's really chic and something I'd love for our new house. Your kitchen looks lovely, the tiles are gorgeous...I can't wait to get into our new place with a kitchen fit for purpose unlike the one we currently have. Have a great New Year, love Helen xx


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