Tuesday, 13 December 2016

New tastes

My husband treated us to a magazine while we out the other day. In truth I think he was worried he would be stuck in the Opticians with 3 year old magazines that day and  the previous week he had to wait in the GP surgery and had forgotten his Kindle!
We thought we would try this new one. Having tried Grow Your Own and Home Farmer in the past and got wearied when articles/topics reappeared within a year, we hoped this one might offer something different but not be too up market like Country Living or the county magazines. So far I am quite impressed. 
The quality of photos inside are fantastic. I can see me cutting them out for crafting or art purposes!
The recipes have been within our price bracket - quite a few on using lentils and veg which was interesting.
Some nice craft ideas from found things -  "twig" ideas  I might follow up as  I saved some interesting birch branches from the bonfire a few months ago.
Still reading it - in fact keeping for next waiting room visit.

While he was in the opticians (for ages, the necessity of having to renew your driving licence at 70 when you have glaucoma can make life fraught) I took the opportunity to wander round the supermarket. I was looking for ideas to spice up lunches. I brought this garlic sausage for £2. So far we have had 3 "lumps" off it for lunches and there are 2 or 3 more. Used with pasta and eggs in various ways.  Bit like SPAM I thought, a bit firmer so it browns well, and not really spicy or hard like Chritzo.

Completed first stage of curtains. Making the pattern run across and match! The wholesalers advisory note in the delivery said they may shrink 2 to 5% if hung over a radiator. So I have put them up unlined and not hemmed. Standing back for a few days to see what happens before adding the lining. I am thinking of a way to put add them so it is detachable as I have had curtains go twisted and lop sided before when washed!

 None of this getting us any closer to Xmas. All I have done is put in an on line delivery of basics for 21st which will take the sting out of any heavy duty shopping! Must write cards today as I hear the Post Office may go on strike? Is that not an own-goal when so many of us are reducing our postings at Xmas anyway?
We watched a history programme on the decline of the Glasgow ship building industry last night and the effect the unions had on the business just after  WW2.  Silly people with far too many internal disputes (like Southern Rail!!). They redeemed them selves for a while with the "work-in" but it was too late. I actually remembered the work-in happening which is terrifying when you're life is labelled "historic".

Do you feel "historic"?

PS just seen a woodpecker on the peanut holder!!


  1. No, I don't feel historic but I know that I possibly am! This was brought home to me a while ago when I was chatting to the young woman who shampoos my hair in the hair salon. We were talking about voices and accents and I said that when I moved to Devon with my parents in the early 1950s and attended a small private school I had elocution lessons (I didn't add at then that this was to 'cure' me of my Lancashire accent in a Devon school, so that I'd be able to be understood by my peers) and she asked me "What's elocution?" My, that made me feel old.
    The next time I felt old was a few years ago when I had a cold call by a woman hoping to sell me a new kitchen. I explained that our kitchen was fine and didn't need replacing. "But how old it is?" she asked, so I said that it had been installed in 1985 when our house was built. "M goodness, that's over 20 years old!" she said, astonished that I didn't want a new kitchen. So I said "Yes, and it's got a preservation order on it!" I made that up, but I like to tease - no doubt our kitchen cupboards were older than she was!
    LandScape is a pretty magazine, as is LandLove (if that is still going strong.) Both were started a few years ago. But don't disregard the upmarket magazines; it's better to aim high, I always think, even in our reading material. I love The English Home best of all - I can't possibly have the zillion-pound houses that are shown, but we can all dream, and we can even get ideas for our own décor in such places.
    Margaret P

  2. Is it garlic sausage? There are some really good recipes on line for "ukranian sausage" casserole.

    1. Just used it on a pizza tonight - very tasty.

  3. Hiya
    It's not the postmen who are going on strike just the post office staff so I'd stock up on your stamps now but your cards will still be delivered (Sons a postman so I checked and no theyre not on strike) xxx

    1. Our tiny post office is run by two quite elderly people who said it had been manic all week! Poor dears.



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