Monday, 12 December 2016

Sewing projects

Have filled the cabin with  sewing projects for the next couple of weeks.

As husband and I have fallen foul of the local GPs and both being sent for various tests at the local hospital I thought I would make up this blouse from the material stash. It will have sleeves so I can abandon coat and cardigans as we get deeper and deeper into the hospital complex and it gets hotter and hotter!

Its a green with a white/silver small pattern.

My second project is some new bright curtain material for the bedroom so will be making that up. I got this on the internet, direct from wholesalers so the cost with lining is £37.  Tape, thread and new hooks from my sewing supplies stash.  These plastic hooks do deteriorate quickly in the sunlight don't they? Every time I change or wash curtains another couple snap!
The old stuff will be remade to fit the sewing cabin. 

I said I needed a clock in my sewing cabin in my last post. Picked this one up for £10 in the British Heart Furniture shop in Kings Lynn. It is a pity someone had left a sticker on the face - it took the paint off!  Will repair next time I have some white paint out.

Some of the furniture in that charity store was better than the stuff in our house.  Oh dear.


  1. I love that curtain fabric. So very bright and cheery!!!

    I have a clock in my sewing room as well, but never really look at it. Yours is lovely, perfect against the colour of the walls.

    God bless.

  2. Sewing cabin, here we come. Great projects for the start up. Hope tests go OK.


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