Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Old and new

How old is your bank cheque book?  Just fished ours out to make a purchase by post and of the 3 part used ones the oldest started in 2002!  Just another 11 to use up before we use a new one printed in 2014.

Tried out a new soup recipe - "Use up root veg soup"
Lump of swede
Tails of several parsnips
Couple of big carrots
Not very big onion
Gnarly ends of two stalks of celery
Garlic glove about to sprout
bit of dried chili (from last year)
Cheap stock cube (why did I buy these? They were in a basic range but are not good enough for meals. Definitely off my shopping list now.)

Chopped it all up in as small as diced bits as you can manage and simmer for 30 mins. Whizz with blender, season and serve.  Probably enough for 6 bowls.

My husband has started to think about the kitchen renovations.  Wandered into the kitchen this afternoon to find everything everywhere and the tape measure out. Not sorry to see the back of this stupid little cupboard!

Besides only being wide enough for a packet of cornflakes it was built 4 inches away from the wall!


  1. we have a silly little cupboard like that its used for dusters, not big enough for anything else

    1. Another one above on the wall - two jam jars wide!!

  2. I'm quite glad of the small cupboard in this bungalow. Cat food in a pull out basket at the bottom,hotwater bottles and washing machine liquid and washing soda on top shelf, foil,clingfilm,greaseproof in the drawer. Every bit of space is valuable here!

    1. There is another one just right for tin baking trays to be stood on their edge = its the only useful one.

  3. I noticed our kitchen planner was hell bent on giving us more units but I wanted bigger units. More units equals more money. Needless to say I planned the kitchen.

    1. Good point! Our planning yesterday involved role playing bending and lifting things out of cupboards and discussing door widths.

  4. We have a silly cupboard that opens right up into the stove. Really hard to get anything in or out.

    Hope the redo of the kitchen goes well.

    God bless.

    1. If you look at the photo there is already a gap to the right? There was another cupboard in there and one day it started to smoke and catch fire during a Sunday roast! It had been fitted far too close. Took it out months ago to avoid a house fire.


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