Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Sewing cabin update

As promised some updates from my sewing (log) cabin.  My part has been to make two cushions in yellow and blue checks to go on the yellow and blue chairs.

My husband has been much busier in his workshop.  He is so lovely.  He has made a long narrow bench for my sewing machines to go down one side of the cabin. He had to relearn how to make drawers as it had been a long time since his last furniture making. He left a space to the right so my dressmaking dummy and ironing board can be tucked away.

For the middle of the cabin he has made a table/bench for cutting out material and planning things.  It is higher than the work bench so I won't have to bend and stoop. There is a shelf underneath where I can store materials.  I got the patterned boxes in The Works for storing fabrics.

I have moved my old cheap desk over to the right with my old Ikea storage box for painting.

We have put up curtain poles now.  At present I am using an old curtains that were lurking in cupboards. None match!  I will address that later when I can - I might find some in charity shop etc.

I think I am all set for some fantastic days our there now. Feel so lucky.

(I need a clock next. I loose track of time!)


  1. It looks wonderful - what a lovely hubbie.

  2. How wonderful it looks, its brilliant having a space to work

  3. It's looking lovely and cosy in there now. I love the higher table for cutting with the storage underneath-x-

  4. That's brilliant! Love your chairs but those long tables will be so useful - they will make sewing and cutting out so easy - I have 'sewing room' envy! Xxx

  5. What a lovely space to work in, I'm so envious. What a clever hubby you have, you obviously make a great team.

  6. What a fabulous space for you to get crafty in. I can't wait to see your future makes.

  7. Your work space is lovely. Great idea for the fabric cutting counter. My back gets very sore bending over when I am cutting patterns out.

    God bless.



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