Thursday, 19 January 2017

Courgette crises?

Did you see the News today?  Apparently its snowing in Spain so courgettes in British shops are £2 a lb.  Courgettes in January????

For goodness sake Britain.  Grow your own all summer, you will get so many and then you will be glad not to see another courgette till next June!!

I was doubly amused by the guest/commentator at lunch time who suggested people could buy some green in the form of a nice savoy cabbage from Lincolnshire instead. The BBC reporter got all sniffy and cut her out of the conversation from that point on. Obviously savoy cabbages are not as topical or interesting as courgettes.

Personally our "green" consists of sprouts, kale and spring cabbage harvested as needed from the garden or runner beans from the freezer. I will confess to a packet of frozen peas on stand by. Courgette seeds arrived in post yesterday and are ready and waiting.


  1. I noticed that there aren't any courgettes to be had at the moment. I like to spiralise them. The local squirrel took a shine to my courgette patch during the summer. He neatly ate all the skin off them and left the inside untouched.... I may well eat squirrel pie if he continues that this year

  2. Apart from snow in Spain they also blamed the "crisis" on the fashion for spiralising!! Hilarious!

  3. Yep, I agree grow your own and by the end of the growing season you will be sick and tired of preparing them for consumption.

    God bless.

  4. As I said yesterday I wouldn't pay winter prices for tasteless vegetables. Eat seasonally it's cheaper. Love cabbage and it has such a bad press.



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