Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Rag rug progress

Two summer dresses, two skirts, four blouses/shirts, and a couple of odd bits later I had a pile of plaited one metre lengths ready to make my rag rug. Quite a lot of work (but it has been particularly cold and horrid outside).  These came from the bottom of the recency box and were very thin and screwed up and I did not bother to iron them! I cut through darts, seams, godets, plackets and only rejected  cuffs and collars (put by these to clean the greenhouse glass!). As the fabric was very thin I did not appreciate at first I was cutting it too narrow and should have cut 3 inches wide rather than 2 inches or less. 

As I progressed colour gradients emerged and I worked from a dark middle outward. Soon found out that if you don't put it on the floor now and again it starts to form a "cone".  I stated with a sharp needle but after while got sore fingers and swapped to a tapestry needle.

Several sessions later it was finished off with a black rim. This was one of those black polyester office skirts you buy for £9.99 in a supermarket and wash and wear for YEARS and it just would not die.  Its dead now and provided a nice edge! 
I really enjoyed this.  It was time consuming but cost nothing and the recycle box is a bit emptier. The clothes were not good enough for a charity shop and the fabric not good enough for restyle. I have seen some projects on Pin interest for my second rug. They have used much flatter cloth like sheets and curtains - I have some and have been sorting out some to cut in 3.5 to 4 inch widths which will be tidily folded before being plaited. 

A few weeks ago Ilona on Life After Money blog posted a doodling picture link.  I tried it out and it was a most relaxing doddle.  Do try it!

As part of using up Christmas left overs I came across an opened bottle of chilli sauce. It could only be kept for 4 weeks so I threw half in this pan of chicken thighs, onions and mushrooms. Yummy.


  1. Love your rug, what a great way to use old clothes.

  2. What a great recycling project. Where are going to use it?

    1. funny story. We have not quite finished our conservatory upgrade so it is going in there until the new floor is laid. It is replacing a rug our grandson was sick on at Xmas!

  3. Your rug is it-x-

  4. I remember making plaited rugs with my granny, she used to save old stockings and use them for rugs, love the way the colours have developed on yours :-)



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