Wednesday, 25 January 2017

No spend and stretch January

Everyone seems to be in same boat trying to save money this month. I updated our accounts this week and got a shock to find buying the Fuel oil for the heating had cleared out the balance. Only £50 left till next week!  My grocery and household bits and pieces so far this month had totalled £123.75.

Quick look in the cupboards and freezer revealed just about enough food, except potatoes, till Monday if we have so inventive meals. The turkey carcass from Xmas came out and was stewed with veg and the left overs from that will make soup. A jar of mincemeat found to make pie for puddings with custard or there is plenty of jam for sponge pudding.  There is half a gammon joint in there from Xmas and two 4oz portions of mince for Spag Bol if needed.

Purse tipped up - just enough cash for a sack of potatoes at the local farm shop and a loaf of bread from the local bakers. So we could get through till Tuesday or Wednesday when it will clearly be the February budget before having a big shop.

Crises averted. Amazing what you can do when pressed.


  1. As you say, lots of us are doing the January stretch. I'm hoping to come in at £100 max but have very little left for Monday and Tuesday's meals :/


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