Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Hand wash gel

What do you use yours for?
I have found this stuff really good for:

  • Getting dried seagull pooh of my car - just a smidge on a damp cloth will do it.
  • Cleaning the glass in the log burner - a bit on a worn out washing up nylon scrubber will lift the baked on black.

and today

Used the bit at the bottom of the empty one in a bit of hot water in the bath to soak the shower curtain. Those black mould spots were gone after a quick rub!

What it does for your hands I have no idea. My husband swears by the stuff. I use the bar of soap in the bathroom unless I have grease or thick dirt to get off and then I reach for the hand cream straight away.


  1. Like you I have old fashioned solid hand soap to. I refill the liquid soap containers with bubble bath, shampoo anything that I have left over. I also use it to clean stains on jeans etc

    1. I must try it out on jeans, especially in the spring when they get caked in dirt from the weeding.

  2. It makes you wonder why some people have a cupboard full of cleaning products doesn't it.

  3. As you say, what it does to your hands ... I only have some mild lavender liquid soap in the kitchen as I don't actually like the stuff and wouldn't let it near our shower room and the bathroom where I love old-fashioned, triple-milled, fine quality soap. I once asked for soap in a supermarket (husband had a yet for some Imperial Leather that he used years ago, but I found that it went yukky these days, obviously cheaply made, and it didn't smell too good either) and the assistant I asked looked puzzled and then said, "Oh, cleansing bars ..." So that is what they call it these days. To me, it's simply soap, and you can't beat good quality soap for cleansing. Mind you, it mightn't clean off seagull poo!
    Margaret P

  4. I meant "yen" for some Imperial Leather ... without saying that, my comment wouldn't make sense!
    Margaret P

  5. If you dip a damp cloth into the ash in your burner it's a very effective free way to clean the glass.



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