Saturday, 7 January 2017

Sewing progress

I have completed one project. The second has had one go and I have got a technique sorted for a "gusseted" bag - I just need to refine and practise!
Bed cover - I used an old duvet cover (gosh, when it was on the bed I had not seen how  worn and thin the material was, but it should be Ok for this purpose).

First bag - I used some of the curtains I brought in a charity shop for £2 and part of the duvet. So no cost.  it suits my 3 weekly collect of 6 novels and an art book from the library!

Outside it is cold and frosty. Most of the farming round us is in a pretty quiet phase except for the 20 to 30 lorries passing every day rushing the sugar beet harvest to the factory before the end of its "best to use" date of 1st February (according to neighbours, who knows more than us).  We don't have much livestock near us so are not effected by the bird flu thing but have not seen or heard one neighbours chickens for a long time!



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