Friday, 6 January 2017

Sewing projects for January

I have set myself 3 projects for January and have put aside time to practice machine embroidery! First, we brought this folding bed for the grandchildren and as it will be pushed from around from room to room and cupboard to cupboard depending on space to be stored I decided it needed a cover to keep any dust off. 

Secondly, all my reusable canvas shopping bags have given up the ghost or gone off with children/families to house shoes or toys.  I also found them a bit too big and scratchy if you happen to have bare legs in the summer.

Third project is to shorten this brown skirt to the length of the flowery one. I like it but have found it just a bit too cumbersome lately. I have had these for 4 or so years, and I did only pay £5 each from a shop in Stroud (Gloucestershire) that sold end of line cotton ladies wear dead cheap! The charity shops near by were more expensive! It eventually went out of business - which was a shame!  It is very full skirt, cut on the bias, so I will have to work on a stitch setting on my machine that will overstitch/hem it in brown or black thread!

I saw this resolution on The Seasoned Homemaker (US) blog the other day and thought YES I must do this! Also it will help keep my blood pressure down - success today as the readings were bang on acceptable at the doctors today! Advice was to relax more.
Over the past year I have started practicing the 20 minutes a day of sewing concept. By taking 20 minutes every day to do something creative, I've been able to finish more projects, and I'm starting to see my stash dwindle (although most people would think it's out of control!).
I really, really, really encourage you to take a few minutes every day to do something that can't be undone! Almost everyday I try to take a few crafty minutes at the beginning of my day. I might mend a little by hand, work on a quilt sketch, or stitch together a few pieces to a quilt block. Nothing spectacular, but ever so satisfying.

What do you do every day to be creative?


  1. Some good projects there, every day I craft its part of my life, its a great way to unwind :-)

  2. I love that 20 minutes a day idea. I have a couple of unfinished projects and if I devoted just 20 minutes a day to one of them I could get it finished in a couple of weeks and then move on to the next one.

  3. Great idea doing something crafty for 20 minutes ......Now where is that knitting I started over a year ago!

  4. I craft every day as well. It might be cutting out and sewing a top, working on my knitting in the evening while watching television or doing a bit of counted cross stitch in the afternoon. I have managed to finish a few projects, start some new ones and clean out the stash a bit.

    Best of all I feel a sense of accomplishment.

    God bless.


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