Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Wrong title?

Early mornings us retirees  have a cup of tea in bed and a bit of a read.  I interrupted my husband with a question.

"If I came home from town and described a passenger on the train/bus sitting opposite me as =- well over 30, but not looking too healthy so could be mistaken for 40, straggly hair, a bit over weight, agitated and stressed, poor skin colour.  She got off the train/bus in a terrible hurry."

"Who, got off - the woman?"

"Exactly a woman! So why is this b.... book called "The Girl on the Train"?  And why is the time line from 3 different perspectives, thing so complicated?  And none of the 3 women is under 30 - are any of them likely to be described as a "girl".  Surely  girl is applied to a young person, or a youthful under 25?  Why use that term? I once nearly slapped a manager when he referred to the women (fully competent professionals)  in the organisation  as "you girls" in a staff meeting".

"Er, good job you are no longer working, remember your blood pressure!  The book has a good ending and she ends up visiting Wells-next-the sea, just down the road from here.  Would not make such a good selling title "The Woman on the Train!" or "Woman on the slow moving London commuter train!

Can't wait. I am off to wash my hair and go out to pick some sprouts before it starts snowing!!
At least Pauline McLynn *  was more accurate with her "The Woman on the Bus" and there were a some  similarities about the main characters story line.  And the bus from Dublin to Limerick  goes as slowly as a London commuter train (as we know, having used both of transport things in the past).

So much for relaxing reading!

*Pauline's other career included being the housekeeper in Father Ted!


  1. LOL. Glad to know I am not the only one who questions why on earth some authors title their books the way they do.

    God bless.

    1. I play guess the title of Jack Reacher books - Lee Child always mentions the phrase at some point in the current one!!

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