Saturday, 18 February 2017

Travels abroad

So last week we traveled from Gatwick for  a short break in Palma, Majorca. Our first trip aboard for nearly 5 years. Now you should bear in mind I am not an airport person and my husband has arthritis in one ankle and is not able to walk quickly. After an uncomfortable night in the hotel we set off early into the whole airport process.
What annoyed me most?
People rushing past us, pushing in queues and generally just having to be first in line no matter what?
The security woman repacking our toiletries into two separate plastic bags as having them all in one handy big plastic bag was not acceptable?
The overpriced food?
The long walk with a least two non-operating walkways, a non-operating lift which meant going up several flights of dingy stairs?

Thank goodness I fell asleep in the plane and woke up on landing! It was warm and sunny and the public transport from airport to hotel was smooth and trouble free. We spent a lovely afternoon wandering the labyrinth of alleyways with their upmarket shops and squares with pavement cafes in the old city and the enormous cathedral that dominates the skyline. Tried to avoid most of the steps and steep bits but it was quite a way up from the marina road and sea front where we were staying.

Next day there was a lovely coloured dawn from behind the cathedral with the light reflected in the marina. Good weather promised with temperatures up to 18 C!!
We went back to the modern city centre on the  bus and took the historic train through the mountains to Soller.

From the town we took a sweet little tram down to the sea. It squeezes and shrieks through the streets, straight across roundabouts and back gardens.  

 Lunch and a paddle!

Back in the town we had the most gorgeous ice cream ever in the town square.

There was some interesting knitting bombing on some of the trees - patchwork squares wrapped round the trunks of the otherwise bare plane trees. 
We found a FREE exhibition of ceramics by Picasso at the station.
There is a lot of modern sculptures and art all round Palma.

Next day was more exploring the winding streets and historic buildings of the old city. Plus leisurely lunches. 
Old windmills, above city walls with orange trees.

Interior of the 14th Century Merchant Guild building with wonderful arches designed like palm trees. 

Next day we traveled back to the UK and I won't bore you with a rant about airports and travelling public general lack of manners but I was glad when it was all over.

We contemplated Euro rail as an alternative and I agreed to try ferries again rather than any more air travel.


  1. Have you thought about asking for assistance at airports etc? I don't fly often (last time was seven years ago with Ryanair) but the service at the airports both here and abroad was excellent. Your husband doesn't have to be registered disabled (I'm not), you just have to say you need help. I also book help when I travel by rail and also when I went on a cruise. You probably don't think you need help. I know that because I didn't think I needed help either but the first time I used it someone else booked it for me and told me once everything was organised.

  2. Glad the holiday was good even if the travel left a lot to be desired.
    It looks lovely there-x-

  3. I hate airports for many of the same reasons that you do. They always make me feel stressed. I'm pleased you had a good holiday though. Majorca is a beautiful city. I can remember sitting in a cafe near the cathedral when we visited. It was 40 degrees C at the time and we were melting in the heat.

  4. Love Majorca, it's a really beauty of an island. Unfortunately to get anywhere these days you have to put up with a lot of cr@p. But sometimes it's so worth it. 😁

  5. I have family in Ireland that love to travel to Majorca and try to visit every year. Your photos are lovely. The rude and disrespectful behavior of people is so sad to me and I think this is the new norm now, unfortunately. I have no patience for people like that. I'm glad you made it home safely. Your new grandson is absolutely beautiful. Congrats to you all!! xo

    ~ Wendy

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