Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Travels in Februay

Our first bit of travelling in this month was a weekend in south London with our youngest son and family.  We got our discount rail "Travel together" tickets and a lift from our neighbour and set out early on Saturday from King's Lynn.  All went well except the express train was busy, but not full, then got busier and nosier  at Market Downham and then got frankly ridiculous at Cambridge!!  How can they sell twice as many tickets as you have seats? Surely there is enough technology, and chances in the hour long journey to there to physically count, and realize you have  sold 8 carriages of 80 seats and allowing another 400 + people to last 20 or so in each carriage to board is silly and unsafe?  Needless to say I was not impressed by having a creche of six under 5's round my feet for another hour even though they were well behaved and lovely.

Luckily Thameslink is an underused line and we arrived slightly calmer for lunch.  Later that day we joined son's east Indian Hindi family at a Bollywood concert in a school in Croydon. Great fun, even though we had no idea of the lyrics the energy and musical skill was fabulous.

Bit cold on Sunday but we braved a walk in Kelsey Park. It was a nice break from reading Thomas the Tank engine stories non stop which is little ones latest obsession.
Interesting park, linear along a stream and around a lake, bequeathed from the original manor house, and has some very old and interesting trees. My son thinks this one must have inspired Tolkien to invent "Ents" in the Lord of the Rings.
Late Sunday my son drove us to Gatwick to stay overnight before an early flight to Palma, Majorca. I will carry on my travels next time!


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