Monday, 6 March 2017

Frustrating spring

There are signs of spring. A few blossoms here and there - odd daff, hellebores, primroses, crocus, viburnum bodnantense, cherry tree and a few good sunny half days  - then it rains again!!!

Stock of veg seedlings building up in the greenhouse  but the veg bed itself is too wet to dig over and prepare.  We are tackling odd jobs in the flower beds to get ourselves "match ready" for an upturn in soil temperatures and a dry spell.

I have been working hard to progress my patchwork quilt.  I have read on many blogs that often people put these projects aside.  I can understand that it is a very repetitive process but I have sewn it all up now, fitted the walking foot to the sewing machine, pre-washed the wadding and am nearly ready to layer it all up!  I had intended to do spiral quilting but having read more I an thinking of sticking to a side to side pattern. It will be easier I think.

Another sign of spring = first thing this morning I saw a hare lopping around the field opposite!

Image result for hares


  1. It's been dreadful hasn't it Trish?
    Our garden is just a nasty, squidgy and muddy mess.
    I am just adding the binding to my latest quilt. It's my most favourite job to do-x-

    1. I am thinking about bindings - red or blue?? Seems a long way off!

  2. Sighs, I would love just a wet, muddy mess. We are having a blizzard right now, and supposedly this snow and blowing snow will continue for another couple of days. Oh well, I should be used to March on the prairies of Canada by now.

    God bless.

    1. I often wonder how Canadians cope!


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