Friday, 24 February 2017

Meanwhile back home

I was going to blog about the warm days enjoyed at home between the travelling this month - then Doris arrived!

Have you all survived in tact?

We lost two panes from the greenhouse and collected a wheelbarrow of branches from the birch trees in the front garden. Otherwise just stressed!  We qucikly put some bubble wrap on about 8pm as the wind lightened a bit..Once the wind died in the morning we collected the glass and the clips from the flower bed, measured, went to the local glass/window place, spent £12 in hard cash and refitted them before lunch.  As the meercats say - simples!

Seeds and emerging plants were not harmed and we have carried on with sowing.

I did go to my log cabin to carry on with my patchwork quilt squares but the thing was creaking and swaying in the wind. I soon retreated to the fire side!

I have ordered the wadding, machine needles and curved pins - cost about £25 so far.

Meanwhile, we have done one trip to our city dwelling family in the midlands and helped wallpaper strip two large bedrooms over two days. We are back there over the weekend to help complete the stripping in the box room and the lounge. There is some well painted over wood chip causing some problems as well as that awful 1970s vinyl wall paper where you have to get past one layer to get the backing wet. Otherwise not a bad house to renovate, nice area overlooking a primary school playing field with 2/3 miles of a linear park starting 200 yards down the road.  

Trying to ignore own decor when we return home - later in the summer perhaps?


  1. we lost a couple of animal shelters that were not in use to Doris, a few trees down but otherwise all OK, seed sowing is on the go here I love it when they start popping up

  2. We tucked our shed in the path of the wind, it's secured to the ground, it protects our greenhouse which is on a raised part of the garden. Again living on the south coast we missed most of the worst weather.

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