Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Love Productions - still inspiring for now.

Like most fans I was upset by Love Productions and the BBC fall out over the Great British Bake Off. And the fact they are not making another SEWING BEE!!!  Thank goodness in the last few weeks they have shown the Painting Challenge and The Pottery Challenge. I have been inspired to go out and do some more paintings.  I am not very good but I could see from the painting challenge you have to keep trying.  Here is my seascape. 

I have been inspired by this library book a bit too. But not enough as my houses are out of proportion with the rest!  
For some strange reason I am working on a view of Westminster bridge now - I wanted to capture a spring quietness before the horror of the past week.  I like the work of people how can really draw on the Urban sketchers web site and would love to spend time drawing in big cities.

My husband's carpentry work is producing bits of plywood so I am experimenting with painting directly on wood with acrylics and then varnished with some left over boat varnish from the shed.

It costs very little - even the hanging was a couple of fabric strips plaited together and knotted on to some left over screws.
I am thinking of doing some fairy doors for the garden for the grandchildren to find this summer next!


  1. I'm so disappointed about Sewing Bee Trish. I only started watching it last year and loved it.
    I really like your seaside picture. The colours are beautiful and the fish picture is gorgeous.
    Oh....fairy doors in the garden....can I come and play.....pleeeeease?

  2. I wouldn't worry about the houses, the overall effect is lovely. As for the fish, Wow, I like anything to do with fish except eating it. lol

    1. I love eating, visiting the tanks in the garden centres but I could not care for, catch or process fish. UKKK

  3. Your painting is marvelous and those fish are very nicely done.

    God bless.


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