Monday, 27 March 2017

Quilt finished

I have completed the quilt.  Thanks partly to the F1 and motorcycling grand prix schedules which has kept the husband enthralled and I have taken myself out to the sewing cabin in protest.

It more than covers the double spare bed and will be good for the King size in the other room. It cost £30 - heirloom wadding, thread, pins and machine needles.   The patchwork is cotton left overs from "the stash" - 80% new fabric and 20% recycled, previously loved, fabrics.  I used an old IKEA duvet cover for the backing but then put a coloured backing on it. The back which comes round to make the border is a polka dot double duvet from the charity shop £3.50.

It is not ultra accurate but I wanted something bright and casual (?).  I might try a patterned quilt one day and work on the accuracy of cutting and matching seams.   At present it is nice to have something so colourful instead of pale walls and white duvet covers! In my older age I think I am going far more towards bright and beautiful thing.  Do your tastes change? I was on the bus the older day with 3 or 4 older women all in beige with grey hair - I immediately wanted to dye my hair bright pink and I was glad I was in my purple coat with turquoise scarf.


  1. I just love that quilt...especially that spotty backing. I hope I don't get inspired now to cut up my red and white spotty duvet

  2. It looks lovely very bright and colourful.

  3. It's lovely - and I love the fact there is no pattern to it (that I have noticed) - I like the randomness of it. And the spotty backing is fun :)

  4. I Love colours and hate to see everywhere so muted. My daughters home is lovely, but shades of grey.

  5. Looks pretty good to me. I think it is a wonderful quilt, bright and cheerful.

    God bless.

  6. i always crave bright colours around the house , much to everyones horror


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