Sunday, 2 April 2017

Two steps backwards and one step forward

One of those weeks.

Broke the mobile phone. Husband spent two afternoons sourcing a very cheap simple phone, then a SIM card and then all the faff of making it all work. I suffer from sort of deep seated fear when the thing goes pear shape and run away. Brain just freezes and I panic. I think I need a 7 to 10  year old to help. Visiting grand daughters tomorrow so hope they can help us out!

Broke the lawn mower. Husband spent another two afternoons sourcing spark plug and tool, Then he went to start mower to try to put it away and it went fine!  Dare not stop it and ran quickly over the worst bits before the next cough and stutter and stop.

I have waited two years + to improve our washing line. Its been strung from short pole and fence in the house shadow among the bushes and threatening to garotte people on the way to the cabin.  I found an old metal pole in a corner over the winter and painted it with black hammerlite.  Then, after doing some work elsewhere, my husband had a bit of cement left over and ballast so put it up in the lawn alongside the path. Can't wait to re-string it and get the washing out in the full sunshine!  Somewhere in the old boat stuff is a spare pulley we can use.

Good tip.  We often have about a quarter or third of a cement bag left over and in the past have wasted this as it has to be stored dry and goes off after a few months. The other day we found an a large plastic container with lid  (ex-bird food) and slide the spare cement in. It was dry, safe and was not going to make noxious dust in the shed! Also it was there ready for the next small job.

A wonder if we can get through next week without feeling we are going backwards in life?


  1. Andy and Roz both have mobiles but I'm afraid I dislike them intensely and won't have one.
    Lovely to have your wasing line up and ready for the spring and summer sunshine-x-

  2. I have the simplest mobile phone that I can possibly find. The store I shop at now has an app and they ask me all the time if I have downloaded the app to my "smart" phone. I tell them my phone isn't very "smart".

    God bless.

  3. basic mobiles are making a come back, Nokia has re launched there most popular phone, I dont do apps as at all, its a phone for making calls and text thats all.


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