Sunday, 23 April 2017

Weather frustration

What a weird spring!

Not rained for weeks, open ground is as hard as rock and beds under shrubs are like dust. Even the swallows are having a problem - there is no mud around to build their nests!

Lots of sunny days and the green house is bursting with ready plants but the wind is too cold! Frost a couple of mornings ago and more forecast for Tuesday/Wednesday. So no point trying to put in root veg seed yet.

Only thing left to do today - empty the winter log store and put by the fire for the chilly evenings promised next week.

Ah well - I can watch the Durrells tonight at least and admire living in a warm climate. I loved the books when I was young and the TV series made in the 1960/70s. Luckily this new series has been really well done and captures the spirit!

for some reason my cooking has taken a dive and I have lost my cake making mojo - I burnt the Victoria sponge today!


  1. I agree the weather is mad, I'm itching to get colour in the garden, oh well lets wait at least four weeks, stay warm.

  2. Bitterly cold here again today Trish even though it was bright and sunny.
    Hope you can get on with things soon-x-

  3. im fortunate , a friend donated loads of the hinged metal wooden pallet boxes, that and a couple of big shower screens are doing giant cloche duty i popped sweetcorn in yesterday , watering is a chore the ground is starting to crack we have only had a couple of little showers the last few weeks

  4. Cold here as well. In fact we now have snow on the ground once again.

    God bless.


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