Tuesday, 18 April 2017


A continuous flow of visitors over Easter, luckily with daughters in law who like to cook and take over the kitchen and washing up!  They supplied a lot of the food as well so not too much budget busting - except for a steep rise in use of electricity (not great at turning off lights!).  Luckily due to religious/cultural differences and allergies to milk there were no chocolate Easter eggs over the weekend so no weight gain here.

I was happy to supervise grand children kite flying and painting!

Once they had all gone we treated our selves to a day out and a walk in Foxley Wood to see the bluebells,  We. like a several people we met on the footpaths, had looked up the "best sights/sites" on the Internet!

Though it has continued  mostly dry (only 5 mm rain in 3 weeks) it has been a bit too cold, Veg planting is delayed and work in the garden has been snatched few hours a day. 
Really need it to warm up!


  1. It does need to warm up a bit Trish. We have had the heating on every evening for the last few days and I am still taking a hot water bottle to bed to keep my feet warm.
    Hope you can get planting soon-x-

    1. We have been lighting the log burner again for an hour or two!

  2. I do find it annoying when visitors leave lights on, I often find myself going round turning them off, the nights have been chilly but plenty of sunshine during the day

    1. I turned them off at 11pm but at 4am they were on again!


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